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Attract more love, money and happiness into your life, with this proven ancient art of healing


Are you spending too much time worrying and not enough time enjoying yourself?

Are you trying to juggle stress at work with the combined pressure of an economy in crisis?

Are you failing to spend enough time concentrating on yourself and your needs?


Meditation can help you.

We have devised a comprehensive 12-week meditation program that is designed for people exactly like you. People who know that they need to spend time to think and to relax, but who feel that they don’t know how. People who have yet to experience the benefits of meditation and the positive changes that it can introduce to their lives.

We are living through tough times. The credit crunch and the recession have left many people finding that they are struggling, and their stress levels are increasing as a result. They are desperately seeking a way to restore their balance and find positive things in their lives to hold onto. In these times, it is more important than ever to realize what you have to be happy for, to hold onto what is most precious to you.

Our 12-week program can help you rediscover your inner peace. It's like bringing a luxury spa into your room!

If you are one of those people who doesn’t know where to begin on the path to meditation, who does not have the money to fork out for an expensive personal session, or who cannot justify visiting an expensive spa or health club, then this program is the answer.

Our specially designed program is being marketed at the phenomenal price of $15. You may ask why you would want to pay more of your hard earned money in these cash-strapped times. You may not feel that you can justify an extra expense. But the benefits of the program will be felt in all areas of your life. And we truly believe, as many of our customers also believe, that it is a small price to pay for the huge benefits that it can bring to your mind, your outlook, and your positive energy levels.


Try guided meditation free for 60 days!


But we understand that you may be unsure. We understand that you may be cautious, especially if this is your first experience of meditation and you are not convinced that it will work for you. And that is why we have provided a comprehensive money back guarantee if you are not happy with the program. If, after 60 days of starting the course you do not notice any significant impact on your life, then we will refund your money in full. No catches.


You will see results immediately!

Do you start your day with confidence, self love and self esteem? Or do you carry around with you old emotional wounds, depression and anger?
With this 12 week meditation program, you will discover the secrets to happiness. This program will guide you to see your greatest self. Make more money, get into shape and enhance your love life today!

Find out how to easily:

  • Develop self love and self esteem
  • Let go of shame and guilt
  • Stop procrastination
  • Manage addictions to porn, sex, drugs and approval
  • Reduce self sabotaging behaviors
  • Liberate yourself from negative emotions

Would you like to know:
  • How to create a future unlike anything in your past?
  • Boost your self esteem?
  • Stop being so sensitive and timid?
  • Take control of your emotions?
  • Forget about all your worries and completely relax?

A new and easy way to relax! Here are our promises to you:


Promise 1: Free yourself from depression and sadness. Completely relax and unwind with this specially developed meditation.


Promise 2: Heal your emotional wounds. Let go of the issues that have been bothering you for years.


Promise 3: Reduce self sabotaging behaviors such as overeating, binge drinking and addictions...

Promise 4: You will be happier and calmer than you have been in a long time.

Promise 5:
Learn to develop into the amazing person you always want to be.

For the price of haircut, you will gain instant access to 12 life changing meditation lessons.



FREE Sample - click play to begin

As well as being completely risk free, it also comes with the following benefits:

  • It is easy to download from our Web site, making it particularly convenient.

  • It has been specially designed by experts.

  • You can complete it when and wherever you want, whether in you home, car, or at work.

  • You can play the inspirational guides over again whenever you want.

  • You will find inner calm and restore your positive levels in just a few weeks.

The 12 sections of the program include sections on Soothing Meditation, Purifying Meditation, and Stress Relief Meditation amongst many others, covering every area of your body and mind to provide all round healing.

Get Started Now - It's Easy!


It is so easy to begin, and in just one click you can be enjoying the soothing  meditation wherever and whenever you want. And remember: there is no risk. If in 60 days you do not feel any better than when you started the course, you will get your money back.

So take a deep breath, relax, and try out our program, specially designed for you!


Save money and attract more love into your life 


The economy is slow and it is best to hold as much cash as possible. Compared to $100s if not $1000s of dollars spent on tanning, attending therapy sessions and personal yoga training, learning this ancient art of healing is a very attractive alternative. Instead of spending and throwing away money every week, you only pay once and you can take these lessons for as many times as you want! 


Don't let job loss depression keep you from acting on your goal!


Being unemployed can send you to a downward spiral! Don't let this unfortunate scenario happen to you! We are here to help you, to give you support, to guide you through this difficult time. If you are easily depressed, this product will help you stay positive and productive in these difficult times. Compared to hundreds of dollars spent on therapies, this meditation program is the best investment you can make right now. 




  • Download immediately
  • Play anytime, anywhere
  • No expensive classes required
  • No lengthy books to read
  • Fits perfectly into your active life
  • Self Help Tree complements current exercise, detox and self help programs.




9 Reasons to Join

New and easy way to feel good anytime, anywhere
You can save this program to your mp3 player and play it anytime, anywhere.

Proven way to develop positive thinking

Meditation is proven to lead to better concentration and well being. Our program is designed to help you see the good things in life, raise your confidence level and find happiness.

Relax completely
You can download the meditation lessons and start relaxing immediately. You will be guided by a soothing and deep female voice to a meditative state where wisdom and happiness await.

Get results immediately

The program is completely self paced, you can arrange the order of classes any way you want to. You can revisit any topics any time.

Satisfaction guarantee
We offer a risk free, 60-day money back guarantee. If you don't feel the benefits within 60 days, we will gladly give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Save money

Compared to visiting expensive health clubs or going for personal sessions, you can feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated without breaking the bank.

Privacy & comfort

Unlike group meditation retreats where there are many participants and each person gets little personal attention, you can learn to meditate at the privacy and comfort of your own home.































"I love the free meditation video you uploaded on youtube that's why I decided to give the program a try. You surely have created something...this is honestly the best meditation experience I have had."
Lauren M., NY, US

"I continue to be impressed by how much you know about human psychology, the meditation mp3 is AWESOME, I've learned a lot about myself and I no longer feel so tired and depressed. I wake up everyday feeling energized and I thank you for for that."
James T., MA, US
"The program is simply amazing for the money and I am happy to see that you take a keen interest in your students."
Chip V., CA, US
Meditation Package



Deep Relaxation Meditation- Beach at Dusk

In this meditation, you will visit a private island at dusk, listen to the waves and the sounds of nature as you completely relax.

Purifying Meditation

In this meditation, you will go on a journey back in time, to a distant land where you will find peace. It will be a journey of learning, where you will discover many things about yourself, all of which will help you to find the incredible power of forgiveness.


Depression Relief Meditation

In this meditation, you will visit a stunning oasis where you will wash away all negative thoughts and feelings to end up fresh, clean, and free from the fear inside you.



Love and Sexual Attraction Meditation

In this meditation you will visit a beautiful lake, where you will discover the power of love, and the sexual attraction that you already have inside of you waiting to be revealed.


Deep Relaxation Meditation - Secret Garden

In this meditation, you will visit a private secret garden where serenity and happiness await.

Wisdom Meditation

In this meditation, you will visit a Japanese garden where you will learn to change the problems in your life, the negative influences that hold you back, whilst setting new goals for yourself.

Self Esteem meditation

In this meditation, you will fly over a beautiful city illuminated at night. You will arrive at a glorious penthouse apartment in which you will find time to think over all that you should be proud of and all that you have worked for, in order to increase your confidence and self esteem.

Enlightenment meditation

During this meditation, you will travel to a magical garden where you will realize who you want to be. It will provide you with time to reflect upon what you want to achieve, and the energy to set about realizing it.


Cheer Up meditation

In this meditation, you will find a room full of comfort and security. You will be warmed by a fire, and it is through this fire that you will realize that anything is possible, and that you can do anything you want.


Reawakening meditation

This meditation will take you to a wonderful future where you will realize what your possibilities in life are, and just how great life can be. You will also discover that now is the time to make the changes that will lead to the great future that awaits you.


Transformation Meditation

In this meditation, you will find yourself in a beautiful area surrounded by nature. Here you will learn about how you are at one with nature, and in so doing you will begin to appreciate the power of change in your life.


Peak Performance Meditation

In this meditation you will visit a garden where you will learn how the power of positive thinking can influence your success in challenging situations, enabling you to reach new levels of understanding to overcome what lies ahead.




60 days risk free trial - $15!

Instant mp3 download. This low price is only temporary and will end soon. Order now



"I can only praise your self help program to the skies, my relationship with guys have improved a lot because I'm no longer shy and passive...the course has given me the tools to literally go from a doormat to a dream girl in a matter of months, thank you SO MUCH!!"
Carrie C., Reading, UK

"Thanks again! Best investment I have made this year on becoming much happier alone. Yet to complete all my classes but feel the audio meditation journeys are very good."
Jessica C., Sydney, AU
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