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Emotional Healing Workshop Transcript - Part 1


This is the transcript of Part 1 of the emotional healing workshop. You can listen to the mp3 of the entire series here.

Welcome and thank you for joining us in the emotional healing workshop. This audio workshop consists of guided meditations, writing and visualization exercises. In order for you to heal our emotional wounds and move forward, we need to first understand what are the dark forces that keep us feeling small. In this workshop you will learn how to unhook yourself, how to bring closures to the upsetting events in your life, and start to live with passion, purpose and joy again.

Before we begin, let's be clear. You don't have to force yourself to forgive anyone, before you are ready to do so. If you were recently hurt by someone, and you believe that justice needs to be done, then by all means go out and do whatever you think its right to get even.

If you now it's time to forgive, it's time to let go, if you no longer want to have any associations, any ties with this person who has hurt you, you can begin the emotional healing process with me.

Many of us have spent ten or twenty years regretting things we can't change. Now we have a choice to make.  Do you want to move on, and start to live your best life? Or do you want to stay stuck in this hole forever? Think about what will happen, if you don't make this decision today, if you stay stuck in this hole of misery forever. How will you look in 10 years time?

I believe that you will look bitter, angry, and tired. If you don't believe me, just take a look at some of the angry people around you. Do you want to turn out like that? Our playing small doesn’t serve the world. When we are strong, productive and compassionate, we are most able to help those around us.

We are going to work today to dissolve the emotional issues that keep you feeling small. Today, we need to start creating a new future and stop letting events that happened years ago to interfere with our lives right now.

When you are ready, take a slow deep breath. Inhale deeply, and exhale fully. Close your eyes.

Imagine what you would look like if you were successful, healthy and happy? Take a moment, and visualize.

In order to move on, to live our best life, we need to shift our attention away from our past and focus on the future. Isn't this more exciting? Building something new and beautiful? Instead of being stuck in the past?

Once we decided to move forward, we need to have a plan, a structure. Having a structure is important, it helps us to become the great, successful and happy person our soul longs to be. It makes sure that we stay on track. A structure may be start taking classes at night to get a degree, learning new skills at work, learning to manage our time better, or it may be in the form of joining an exercise program. Your structure is a series of short term goals that are measurable, achievable and specific. Take a moment and think about what you will need to do in order to transform yourself. Remember, your structure must be something achievable and specific. What are the tasks you need to start today?

You may be tempted to feel that you are worthless and stupid, but I want you to know that all of us can contribute to the society and be a winner. If right now you are unmotivated, maybe it's just that at this point in time you don't know how you can contribute, or you need to further develop your skill set to fully manifest yourself. If you look at the greatest artists, designers, scientists, politicians and businessmen in the history, there is one thing in common: They take their work seriously. And they went through many rejections and defeats before the finally arrived at where they were. We need to realize is that in order to truly develop our potential and become that star that we really are, we need to work hard.

I have a few questions I want to share with you. I want you to listen carefully, think about the answers to these questions.

If you continue to hold grudges, do you think they will know? Do you think they will care?

Half the time they don't even know you are upset or hurt, or even if they do, they don't care. Why would you continue to invest your energy and emotion in hurting yourself?

Just imagine if you spend the same amount of time looking after yourself, nourishing your mind and body, making yourself a successful and popular person? Don't you think you will gain more self esteem that way?

I'm gonna ask you another question. What exactly are you waiting for, by holding resentments, by not forgiving these people who have hurt you? Are you waiting for an apology? What happen if that apology never comes? Are you willing to take this grudge with you for another ten years? Letting them to ruin your emotional well being?

Think deeply about these issues.