March 26, 2009

Online luxury internet auction

Internet auction is a great way to save money. However, for big ticket items such as luxury watches, handbags and jewelries, eBay may not be such a great choice because the number of counterfeit items listed. For most people, how to tell a real Louis Vuitton from a fake one is not something that can be done easily. is a website that sells ONLY authenticated luxury items. Sellers must pay $25 upfront, and 30% of the sale price as the commission, which could be easily over $500 as most items are expensive. For buyers, it is a great outlet as the site offers full money back guarantee and promise that all items listed have been checked and verified to be authentic.

Currently selling: Alberta Ferretti, Lana Marks, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kor, Marc Jacobs, Tiffany's, among many others.

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March 25, 2009

"But Wait There's More" by Remy Stern - an interesting look into the home shopping industry

The home shopping and infomercial business has always been interesting for many reasons. Firstly, it is a big, $300 billion industry which many of us have done business with; Secondly, there seems to be a constant stigma of the quality of products. Thirdly, the infomercial hosts seem to always be wearing this overly friendly fake smiling face that sometimes make you energized and uncomfortable at the same time. Tune in to QVC and you will always see some over tanned woman trying to sell you some cosmetics that you probably don't need.

As someone who has a deep interest in psychology and business, I notice that almost every successful marketing campaign are effective in eliciting strong emotions. If you look at the home shopping business, they are always great at eliciting fear of rejection - On the other hand they always promise more love and acceptance as a key benefit of whatever product that is currently being promoted: teeth whitener, abs machine or acne cure system.

Today's Wall Street Journal talked about a book called "But Wait . . . There's More! ". Written by Remy Stern, it looked at the hefty sales and wacky pitchmen of the business.

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March 21, 2009

Why Hypnosis Smoking Cessation Works

If you’re thinking about saying goodbye to cigarettes once and for all, good for you! The path you are about to embark on can be filled with pitfalls, but there are tools that can help you along the way. Hypnosis smoking cessation programs, for example, can give you the extra burst of motivation you need to leave this habit behind.

If you think about it, the reasons to quit smoking are overwhelming. From the health factors and the expenses involved to the smell and the mess, the motivations can pile up sky high, yet some people still won’t quit. This is because smoking is deep seeded habit that can latch on to a person physically and psychologically. Once it does, it puts up one heck of a fight before it will let go. When it’s time to truly kick the habit once and for all, hypnosis smoking cessation programs can put success within reach.

Hypnosis smoking cessation programs are designed to empower the subconscious mind with the right thoughts to drive the conscious mind forward in an effort to quit. Whether you seek out a professional, licensed hypnotist or download an online hypnosis smoking cessation program, most will enable you to do these things:

Stick with your decision to quit – Hypnosis smoking cessation programs empower the conscious mind’s decision to quit by replacing negative thoughts in the subconscious mind with more positive ones. When the subconscious receives suggestions that quitting smoking is possible, is attainable and will feel good, it will go along with the program. When the entire mind is focused on a cause, success tends to follow.

Overcome withdrawals – The physical addiction to smoking can be a tricky thing to overcome. When the subconscious mind is convinced that the symptoms are minor and can be tackled, they will be.

Replace the bad habit with something healthier – Smoking is also a psychological addiction. People become ingrained in the habit of holding a cigarette, puffing on it and so on. The times of day they smoke and when cravings are the highest are often guided by habit. Hypnosis smoking cessation programs also often seek to help people replace the physical habit with something more positive. Munching on carrot sticks or chewing gum, for example, can help you get over the psychological hump.

Hypnosis smoking cessation programs work because they empower your subconscious mind to agree with your conscious decision. Quitting smoking is not an easy undertaking, but it is achievable. When you believe this down to your very fiber, you will succeed in your efforts.

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March 3, 2009

New free guided meditation mp3 for you to download

In the past few weeks I've created more free weight loss affirmation clips, mind tools and guided meditation mp3s, they are all at the Self Help Tree membership section -all you need is a free account to get them!

It's springtime, a perfect season to lose weight and get rid of old habits that no longer serve us. If you too, want to get a whole new hot body, make advancements at work and create a life unlike any thing we've seen, I encourage you to take an honest look at what works and what doesn't in your life. What are the habits that we can keep and what need to be replaced. There are countless occasions which we rob ourselves the opportunities to live a great life by engaging in self sabotaging behaviors - they may look harmless at first - but deep down we know they won't lead us to where we want to go. They may be in the form of not maintaining a regular sleep habit, not eating properly, not finishing what we say we will do. Change is not always an easy task, but I believe that it is necessary if we want to live our best life.

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March 1, 2009

Top 5 Reasons To Meditate

Your day is already jam packed with things to do from the time the sun comes up until well after it sets. There’s no way another activity could possibly fit into your schedule. So, why would you consider adding meditation to the mix?
When the benefits of this widely popular and highly personal pursuit are explored, the reasons to squeeze a little time into everyday life for this activity become clear.

The top five points about meditation that make it a worthwhile undertaking are:

It’s easy to get started – Learning how to meditate can be a lifelong pursuit, but that doesn’t mean getting started initially is difficult. This is a very personalized undertaking that can be used simply to assist with relaxation on one end of the spectrum. Some people choose to take this to the next level and work at meditation to help them achieve a higher state of awareness. For beginners, this just isn’t necessary and doesn’t have to be the goal.

It is highly relaxing – To properly meditate, you must learn to relax your body and calm your mind. This can be a fantastic practice to get into to reinvigorate yourself at the end of a long, hard day.

It reduces stress – As the body and mind relax to properly meditate, the impacts of stress also tend to melt away. This benefit, in and of itself, makes learning how to meditate a very smart idea. Stress, when it’s allowed to build up over time, can contribute to a number of serious health conditions, including heart problems, obesity, stomach ailments and more.

It is affordable – Getting into meditation isn’t quite like any other hobby or pursuit out there when it comes to costs. For a beginner on a shoestring, a quiet place in a home and a free MP3 download can be all that are necessary to give this practice a try. It is, of course, possible to spend much more in the pursuit of higher awareness, but ultimately expenses are not necessary.
It focuses the mind – When people learn how to meditate, they also learn how to improve and focus concentration. This can translate rather readily to everyday life. As concentration improves, so too can abilities in personal and career life, as well.

The reasons to learn to meditate are many and they are compelling. This relatively simple practice can have benefits that flow into every aspect of life. From assisting with relaxation to helping a person avoid physical ailments, the ancient art of meditation remains popular today for very good cause.

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February 10, 2009

Unlock Your Inner Tiger With Erotic Hypnosis

Sex is a perfectly natural, enjoyable and wonderful expression of self. Sadly, thanks to the taboos society places on the act, many people find themselves unable to explore and relax even when they’re in a committed relationship. When it’s time to break down the boundaries, erotic hypnosis can assist you in unlocking your inner tiger.

The reality is that most people do have a very sensual side that is just dying to get out. Fears of intimacy, “being bad” or too risqué, however, prevent full expression. This can hurt you and it can devastate a partner who might feel slighted, unwanted or undesirable.

Busting through the taboos and tapping into this, however, can be more than difficult. Erotic hypnosis can work for a number of reasons. This form of hypnosis can be extremely effective for lessening fears, lowering inhibitions and enabling you to express yourself behind closed doors in the manner you and your partner desire because it can help you:

See past taboos – Consenting adults should not be bound by the shackles of taboo. As long as an act is mutually agreeable and will not result in anyone getting hurt, taboo should not be a part of the equation. When erotic hypnosis is used, getting past this barrier becomes easier because hypnosis addresses the subconscious mind. It is here that our fears, preconceived notions and inhibitions tend to reign supreme. Erotic hypnosis can impose more positive thoughts about sexuality and performance in your mind and give you the key to unlocking your sensuality.

Feel sexier and more confident – Frigid behavior often results from a person’s own feelings of inadequacy. Getting past this and identifying with your own sensual side can be a chore. Erotic hypnosis makes it easier by helping you see yourself as a more sexy, confident and desirable person. It can open the doors for freer expression with a partner and enable you to tap into your own fantasies and acknowledge them more readily.

Get over feeling “silly” – It is not at all uncommon for people to feel a little silly and especially embarrassed by their own sexuality. While these thoughts are not rare, they can hold a person back from enjoying themselves and helping a partner do the same.

Sensuality and sexuality are a part of being human. When erotic hypnosis is successful, you will be able to tap into your own feelings and desires and allow them to help you feel better about yourself, your partner and what you do as consenting adults. It can unlock your hidden tiger and give you the freedom to knock down the walls of taboo and enjoy yourself like never before.

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January 21, 2009

What To Expect From A Meditation MP3

Getting into the right frame of mind to make meditation work isn’t always an easy undertaking. With the stresses of daily life, environmental distractions and even fatigue getting in the way of concentration, the hunt for serenity can be thwarted at every turn. When a little boost for the process is desired, a meditation MP3 can provide the answer.

Meditation MP3 offerings are available from a number of different sources. These handy downloads are ideal for use for a number of reasons. The biggest perk is perhaps found in the fact that they are portable. Just put a file onto an MP3 player and a jumpstart for meditation can go anywhere a person does. When these files are used with a personal MP3 player and earphones or ear buds, an instant and private escape can be enjoyed. They can also work extremely well when piped through standard speakers to fill a room’s atmosphere with calming sounds or guided instruction.

Meditation MP3 files can be found online in a number of locations. They can also be created using meditation CDs that are backed up on a computer to produce this more portable type of file.

Those wishing to explore what meditation MP3 files might have to offer will discover that the format covers many different styles. Files available for free and paid download online can include such things as:

Nature/white noise sounds – Meditation requires the mind to be freed up from the constant buzz of thoughts that plague it throughout the day. When a meditation MP3 offers white noise or nature sounds, it can help a person focus and relax. The peaceful, repetitive sounds are designed to foster concentration and free the mind from negative thoughts.

Guided instruction – For those who are new to meditation or wish to take their experiences in a new direction or to a new level will find guided MP3 meditation can assist greatly. These files will include spoken instruction that can guide a person’s thoughts and help make the experience more productive and enjoyable.

Religious meditation – There are a number of meditation MP3 files that can guide people in the pursuit of religious meditation. From Buddhist teachings to Christianity and beyond, meditation is an excellent way to tap into one’s own spirituality and beliefs.

When a little help with focus is desired, a meditation MP3 can provide the boost a person needs. These files can vary in content, but each is designed to help users relax, focus and concentrate their thoughts in a positive and productive manner.

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