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About Us

SelfHelpTree is a new media company that focuses on personal transformation and fine living. Selfhelptree.com produces free and premium content including mp3, print books, ebooks and online newsletters. We believe people can make lasting and dramatic changes in life by learning new habits, new interpretations and new skills. It is our belief that true happiness comes from good health, the service to others, and financial abundance. 




  • 200+ inspiring articles on emotional healing, money, trends & personal effectiveness
  • Free transformational tools and checklists
  • Free guided meditation clips
  • Free affirmation mp3
  • Local resources
  • Online community




We publish books on:

  • Psychology & Emotional Healing
  • Globalization & Trends
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Fine Living
  • Personal Finance

CDs and MP3s

We produce audio content including:

  • Guided meditation series
  • Visualization exercises
  • Deep relaxation hypnosis
  • Money and health affirmations 





















Responsible marketing

At Self Help Tree, our conscience has always been our guide. We are mindful of how we present our products, their features and benefits. We lead by example in all aspects of our operations. Our guiding marketing principles include:

  • Being accurate in our product descriptions
  • Educating the public about positive psychology and its benefits
  • Providing free educational resources
  • Avoiding any exaggerated claims
  • Asking our partnering sites and affiliates to meet these standards

SelfHelpTree.com is one of the first websites to create DRM-free meditation products. Once you purchased the product you are allowed to share it with up to 10 other individuals. The only thing we asked is you don't post the program on the internet.

Important facts about us

As an independent source of information we are not affiliated with any particular coaching organization or pharmaceutical company. 

  • No coaching organization or pharmaceutical company is an investor in this company.
  • We aim to provide an objective and neutral source of information about self help. 


Link Exchange, Investors Relations & Partnership

At SelfHelpTree we believe in human potential and our infinite possibilities. If you, too, strive to blend personal growth, well-being and sustainable business, find out how we can grow together. Please send all link exchange requests to help (AT) selfhelptree.com.


Contact us

help (AT) selfhelptree.com




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